Tiny Is No Longer With Titch

Michael Reynolds

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I have just found Tiny in the middle of the cage and dead but I am in shock as she /he had been attacked in such a way that only one other bird and that is Titch could of caused it. the cage is quite large but with very narrow bars not big enough for the damage I found for any other birds too have caused it without getting in to the cage. they must of had some type of fight but I have never known this with parrolet's. I know they can be very protective of there space but they was the only ones in there. they normally sleep in the nest box at night together. No signs of blood anywhere and it has only happened this evening. I did not hear any rumpus but I have been mainly in the front room with the greys. I wonder if any one has herd of this happening before? could they both be female? I know I cannot keep Senegal and female mature Kaks together. they are not hand tamed.
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