Tidymix Diets Hamper Winner


The Dave Slave!
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Ahhh so that's your name Sunny :thumbsup:

Only just seen this and wanted to add my congratulations.. How fabulous is that!!!!  Really pleased for you :)


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o I really am thrilled! so many things there I have been fancing trying out for ages on Sophie but with money being tight been reluctent to spend out on stuff she might not eat (although I know rest of my gang would help) so it will be wonderful to have oppertunity to see what she really likes-and be able to have a wider range of foods to offer her in future.

as for the human goodies...mmmmmm I have been on a diet since January- am due a blow out!!!if ones going to have a diet buster best do it in style and there are some very yummy delicacies there!
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