Thursday 9th July


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Good morning pouring in rain here too very fed up with the problems re electricity sockets. Why is nothing least. At least I now have this Tablet to use.But won't be on here much until it's all sorted. I will look in but may not be commenting.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello, a bit of a heatwave here and I think you in the UK are in for a nicer patch of weather soon.

Went out for a meal least night - it was just SO nice to be a bit more normal. The restaurant was about half full but all tables outside on the terrace.
Maybe we'll try the local restaurant in the village next week but they do get very booked up in advance.

Chimney sweep arranged for this morning but our chimney / fitting of the flexible flue liner and everything else is "not normal" (ha ha:risas3: nothing in this house is "normal")..... the satellite dish had been fitted to the chimney (which it shouldnt be), and we have a wasps nest in the chimney. All of which means the straightforward chimney sweeping couldnt be done today. However the chap is a certified professional and was very helpful ( he took pics both up and down the chimney to evidence all the problems he found) and is able to rectify them although its going to mean relining the chimney, and putting a little cowl up there to stop the wind and wet getting in (as it currently does). Also explained that its worth buying in 2 years worth of wood ands storing it to ensure it is properly dry (so thats why the French have so many woodpiles). SO lucky we didnt wait till autumn to organise the chimney sweep as we can get this all done over the summer.
Hi all, dull here in the NW. Marley (mums yorkie - aka 'Wharf' as he is such a clingon), is curled up on the sofa behind me whilst I work. I've just checked on the birds cctv and Gary is chilling out and fluffed up, Bebe is banging on the foraging tray and 'filtering' through the wood chips like a little machine. Ah well, hope everyone's day goes well and weather improves! My hubby bought us each a smart watch the other day, and it has just reminded me that I've not moved for an hour so I'm off for a walk round the house to stop it shouting at me! :lol: Skynet is taking over!
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