Thursday 7th November 2019

Michael Reynolds

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@dianaT I am Glade the your hubby is not a fisherman's or he will have to watch you when he has his friends around, funny enough I am sucking a mint one at the moment, each time I go into a chemist I normally buy a packet of one flavour or another. is it his last day of Radio therapy today?


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Thanks Michael his last day is Monday. When does your treatment start?


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Hope things go ok Michael and @KateA sod them go work somewhere where they give a s#*t. My wife stands up for dental nurses and has often confronted the bosses and owners of the practice about the way they miss treat them.
Thank u. I Will be looking soon.
I've fancied this job for yrs. These ppl gave me a chance and now it's me who has to run away. I love the job.
I'm a tad sad that my little project not gone right the first time.
It's a lovely job helping ppl preserve teeth.
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