Thursday 6th June

Michael Reynolds

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Good Morning all, its a lovely sunny start to the day here in the garden of England, Birds outside started calling there songs at before four O'clock and my birds started about half hour after. have a few repairs to do today all little jobs so I expect it to keep me quite busy for a few hours. I hope Nigel is slowly improving but also taking advantage of the extra rest but not getting too down in him self by not being active. I wish every one has a good day today, photo is of Bella and David


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Good morning Michael and everyone, a mad dash this morning for hubby to get grandsons to get ready & out the house - he does the school run. I could just go back to sleep am so very tired but no chance of that....onwards & upwards as they say.
Enjoy the day all.


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Morning everyone.

Lovely birdies @Michael Reynolds . What species is the one at the back?

Still driech here today and I needed to warm up the house again this morning as it was quite chilly. Supposed to be 17 degrees later today, but I'll believe that when I see it. Will need to see some actual sun first!

Working on an amigurumi design this morning which I started last week, and then off to the hospital later to get the heart monitor fitted. As anticipated, I actually feel fine today - no sign of Lurgy - so I fear it's going to be a pointless exercise over just 24 hours.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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A fine day here, sunny and blowy. Have been painting in the laundry room so Dora has been in the living room listening to music to keep her happy - she seems to particularly like Eliza Carthy and was merrily singing along. To keep away from any possible paint fumes I have now come upstairs with her for lunch.....a lovely cool green light as the virginia creeper tries to take over - but you can also see the space above the window where it gets draughty in winter, I call it natural ventilation.
Hope the tests are OK and hope Nigel and all others feel better soon.


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Evening all
I popped to see a friend today who runs the local aquatic place …..
She is the lady who sorted out Mr Crow a couple of weeks ago and got him fit and healthy and released him back into the wild.
She had a friend for me to meet sitting alongside the counter in a paddling pool …. a total sweetie she is hand rearing. She keeps a few birds besides a parrot or two she keeps raptors (birds of prey) such a little sweetie. Who if isn't kept confined to his paddle pool stomps around the shop asking customers to feed him lol. Hasn't got the hang of his wings yet nor fathomed out his big feet but has worked out charging around after everybody results in his surrogate mum scooping him up and feeding him and giving him a cuddle! Oddly his favourite pass time is playing with a tennis ball :thinking: and during the night if he can get away with it apparently jumping up on to his mums bed to try and sleep with her lol. He's 5 weeks old :)
Anyways his mum wanted an opinion of a poorly eye so now he's off to meet the avian vet I use over at Stamford Bridge.
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