Thursday 4th July


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Good morning
More sun here, I can see some of the fields in the distance turning brown now due to lack of rain.
Not many butterflies around so far this year, I have seen one white and 2 brown I could not distinguish them as they fluttered by quickly.
Yesterday morning the phone rang it was a recorded message from the water board to say there was a burst pipe within our area and the water would be going off or we will receive reduced pressure until mid afternoon, so we rushed about filling buckets, saucepans, kettle etc. And guess what nothing changed, it was okay all day.
Enjoy the day.

Michael Reynolds

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Good Morning Diana and all that follow. A sunny start to the day, got to get the garden sorted went to cut the lawn and the lawn mower packed up, found the fault it was broken wire so i will be replacing the cable. Birds have been up since 4:30 and all in fine voice. Not planning to go any wear so hopefully i can do some extra work in the place and mat get a few cages and birds out in the garden, i hope you all have a great day, i think most of the butterflies are visiting the garden of England Diana


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Morning everyone. A bit grey here again this morning, but if past days are anything to go by it should brighten up later.

Ziggy is refusing to go back into her cage this morning and causing chaos by teasing Frodo in his cage (he's such a good boy!), but I will need to chase her into the travel cage to go to the vet later, so not chasing her now. She's had nothing to eat yet this morning so you'd think she would pop back into her cage for food, but not that little green ball of trouble! I might need to start separating them at night now too if I can't get her to go into the cage again quick enough in the morning as I can't put up with that on work days.

Have a lovely day everyone.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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good morning, another hot day ahead, and the outside birdies are singing and cicadas chirping. We have lots of butterflies - (mainly clouded white, some sort of fritillary, yellow sulphur and meadow brown) plus lots of moths. Chickens are pottering in damp grass and Dora is (stubbornly) on my shoulder preening and chatting loudly in my ear. You seem to be having a lot of mechanical problems Michael, hope it gets fixed OK. Good luck with the vets for Ziggy.
Have a good day everyone.
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