Thursday 4th April


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Morning All...

I can't see what the weather is like at the moment as its still dark but going by the forecast there is going to be light rain all morning. There will be a moderate wind at about 14mph all day as well but these predictions are the forecast of the met office so there is a good chance the weather will be completely different.

The birds are fine upon checking but one of them are awake, I think its Roxy. He is on his pyramid perch preening his wing now and I have guessed right, Nacho is awake too so I can see its going to be a busy day. The worst thing I can do right now is give them their pine nuts then they will be wanting the rest of their brekkie. Think I will make another coffee soon and drink it in another room then hopefully they will then be asleep.

I have another day today that I have no appointments which makes a change. Next week I have 3 though. With the rain we had yesterday there was no chance of doing anything outside and somehow I think today is going to be very similar so it looks like another day for working indoors today. The birds like those days as it usually means plenty of out time. Perhaps I should study my new watch and find out some of the other features other than telling the time. Health wise I dont feel too bad and am in a good patch right now.

Have a Great Thursday Everyone and if you are not 100% Get Well Soon or Else.




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Good morning, it is sooo cold and wet down here, still no heating has both fire alight yesterday but took all day to warm up.
Boiler engineer booked to come mid morning, fingers crossed he can sort it also that it's not too expensive. Have daughter & grandsons coming at the weekend for the week!

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, its a very cold but sunny start of the day, birds are a little quiet this morning compared to the normal morning chorus I get, ill be doing more studying today as that has to be submitted by Monday. have a good day every one.


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Brrrr it’s cold! There’s snow up on the Brecon Beacons.
We have yet another power problem, banging and fizzing coming from the overhead supply pole, but they can’t sort it out now because they will get in the way of the bus. Great so we have to put up with the power keep tripping out because wet is getting into the cabling somewhere. Grrrr

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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a chilly day again but brightening up.... have spent the morning trying to decipher the french tax forms (with teeny tiny typeface) that we need to complete by mid May - practising on last years forms as they havent yet issued the new ones - even on line!.... my french isnt too bad but some words are "false friends" meaning they are very similar to an English word but can mean something totally different, online translation is brilliant but i bet I still make a mistake.
Keep well, keep warm and keep happy everyone.
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