Thursday 28th March


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Morning All...

Its a dark morning though in less than an hour the first signs of the new day will start to show. Its supposed to be plenty of sun today with a moderate westerly wind. No rain is expected but I wont be here for a good part to enjoy it.

Both birds are fine and quiet, sshhhhh. Blimey, Roxy looks as though he is actually asleep. Head twisted round 180deg, whats the chances of him waking up before I have finished here. Nacho is the same but all it takes is one of them realise I am there and they will be discussing with each other the days plans. The wild ones have been busy taking my seed but I like to watch them and see the reactions of the different birds and how they go for different foods. The Coal Tits like the black sunflower, Goldfinches like the niger seeds, Starlings love all food but love the meal worms, Sparrows love the fat balls and suet sticks, in other words with the selection of birds I get I have the birds to take most of the seeds that I get.

I feel considerably better than this time yesterday and I am pretty certain that most of it was down to the heat. At one time in the arvo it was 27.4c in here with no heating on and that was down to all the windows in this room. Even yesterday evening at 19.00 it was over 20c with the front door a little ajar. I have a Dr appointment today at 14.20 and will be bringing up 2 subjects. My diabetic medications are top of the list and I am hoping to be taken off some of them. I also want to let it be known that I want to eat properly again and will be chasing him up prior to my Gastroscopy on 10th April. So long as I am here for Friday morning as I have a Tesco delivery coming, cant wait, haha.

Have a Great Thursday Everyone and Get Well Soon to all the poorly peeps.



Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Nigel and all that follow. I hope you will be satisfied with the doctors visit you have later Nigel. well I am having a day off the studying today as I want to do more in the bird room. its a dark start here as well so I hope it will cheer up later, the birds are quiet at the moment apart from Mo who is scratching at the sides of the nest box. not planning to go out today so I hope I can get a lot done. have a good day every one.


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Good morning everyone, hope you all have a decent day. Looks like the sun will be out once the fog has lifted.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello everyone, Dora had a bath this morning and is very chatty, but still shedding little fluffy feathers when she preens. Its another sunny day so we will all be outside together in a little while. Good to have a break from the studies Michael, helps to rest the mind and let things sink in. Hope the appointment goes OK Nigel, and all the best to everyone for a nice day


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Afternoon all
Had my yearly check up this morning at the quacks apparently all the drugs they are slinging at me are working fine and dandy!
Went for a walk after that just around the village and its a beautiful bright blue sky lovely and warm out there too. A right good spring morning can't believe I have done just under 9 miles though ….. feels like 50 :risas3:
Got to nip to mum and stepdads this afternoon as when was there yesterday noticed that the big old pine tree had lost a top branch and its balanced halfway up in a not very good place when it falls. So have said will go round and stick the ladders up and put a rope on to it and then drag it out the tree so it falls into a better place and then will help stepdad get rid of it.
Budgies are full of themselves in the aviary and dashing around chirruping with the occasional human word thrown in :) bless em think they're happy its coming up to nicer weather too


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Evening everyone , well been round Scunthorpe in my wheelchair with Tom pushing me tryed to have a bit of lunch hmm not in the mood for food at the moment it will soon pick up says me lol . Nigel hope all went well at the doctors for you hun . Scooby missed his bath this week but he will get one soon bless him , Tom back to work Wednesday so i will be on my own from then on lol . To all the poorly ones and feathered friends get well soon .
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