Thursday 22nd October


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Good morning a sunny one down here but still very damp underfoot.
So far hubbys using the velcro knee braces which hold the kneecaps in place and hasn't need his walking stick so much. He has said in each room he will always leave it in the same place so he knows where it is....last night he could not find that arrangement didn't last long did it! He found it this morning by Chicks cage.
Oh well onwards & upwards, hope everyone is okay.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Stormy last night which didn't make it easy getting old and new chickens settled in the henhouse with thunder crashing and lightening flashing. They mixed themselves up to sleep and all came out on this morning but aren't yet really doing things together. Early days yet.
Cloudy but warm today, realised that (like today) we were able to take Dora outside almost every day last year and she hardly used the uv light.
Advance of the ladybirds already, last year we had quite a colony overwintering in the living room, hornets are searching for winter quarters too but tend to hide away in the roof space and then drop out of the light fittings in spring!
Take care everyone
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