Thursday 16th January

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning every one, wet and cold out, well Charlie my OWA came into my bedroom at 4am and flew onto me. He is now sitting on my bed but the cheeky thing had his head stuck in my morning cuppa, (not one I had made for the birds too share). I tried to move him but he became cup protective Ha Ha. so in the end I got there cup and made a tea for him, he is now loving it telling me he is a Good boy. there is something special about the OWA's and others in the flock, they seem to be loved by all the other flock members. Have a great day every one


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Good morning Michael and everyone, another wet and windy one here - every days the same so it seems. I have Tesco shopping booked for delivery this morning.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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hello everyone - bright and windy again here. My nerves are shattered having just spent an hour and a half trying to use internet banking to transfer the remainder of payment for the removals but the system is c**p and would let me get to "authorisation of payment" then chucked me off - (it had done something similar to my husband last week and in the end had taken the same amount 3 times so I didnt dare try it again with a big sum). The system logged me out 7 times and even though their helpline was good I didnt trust the payment and ended up making a card payment with the company.
The furniture that we inherited here is going to someone south of Bordeaux and I have been worrying about his plans to collect (2 double beds, 2 big wardrobes, chest of drawers, table and 8 chairs plus other odd bits), but at last he seems to realise how much there is to take and will be hiring a van and bringing help.
Time to take Dora out to see the chooks, for them to have a dustbath and me to get the drain rods out as the lower part of the system in the field has been backing up and its getting boggy down there!
Have a good day one and all.


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Morning! I was awoken by my daughter telling me that Allan had done a big cow pat of poo in their room... that will be his own fault for eating little Cocos breakfast yesterday, he has problems with wheat 🤦‍♀️. Then took the three of them off for a walk with a friend, Allan all suited up in his onesie so at least I would only have 2 dogs to clean and dry.. silly sausage went for a swim! It didn’t end well as his onesie was soooo heavy he couldn’t walk! 3 wet and muddy dogs AND a onesie to wash!
Great news is that Eddie has really turned a corner now! 💕💕
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