Thread watched Caption Competition #108

Michael Reynolds

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this is no good...……..I cannot order any thing...……….. cannot turn thing on or off...…………………...cannot get answers to my questions but worst of all my slave dose not hear my commands because the Bl**dy thing is too loud.


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A day late, but (drum roll please) I announce that @Bradders is the winner. Well done and thanks to all who took part.

An honourable mention goes to @Kendra who was closest to what was actually going on. We would encourage Basil to come out of his cage by playing recordings of his own sounds. Where Head Boy Basil goes, the other three follow, so it got them all confident playing outside. Basil was fascinated with the speaker, trying to find the birds inside it.


Parrot Power!
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Yay! Thank you! *takes a bow*.

Special thanks to Ruby who was my inspiration. She has a special relationship with our google home hub. Can get it to play or stop playing music and broadcast her own voice around the house. Currently learning to switch lights on and off!

What happens now? It’s been a while since I last entered this competition, do I need to find a photo and start the next competition?
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