the missing pound

Michael Reynolds

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this is an old one that get the mind thinking.

Three old ladies go into a shop to buy an old TV.
they did not have much money so they was going to share it
the sales man had one at £30.00
The ladies bought the TV paying ten pounds each.
the owner felt sorry for the three old ladies and told the sale man to give them a fiver back
well the sales man was not as kind and only gave them £1 back to each of them
he kept the other two pounds and put it in his pocket
this meant that each of the ladies paid nine pounds each
all sounds good but
3 x 9 equals twenty seven plus the two pounds in the sales mans pocket only comes to £29 so what happened to the other £1.


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No reason to add the two pounds trousered by Embezzler McGraft, the salesman, to the calculation, just because they had been added to his pocket. They were part of the £5 rebate deducted from the £30 already paid to the shop by the ladies. 30 -3 -2 leaves £25 in the shop, just the same as if the ladies (those poor, poor old ladies) had received the whole £5 rebate! No money actually missing, just misappropriated!
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