The many faces that are Harley


Harley a pit pead off he he, gorgeous wings, very pleased with himself for stealing the camera strap, a finger to regurgitate to, an itch hence the open beak ones, a blurred flight, and the rest he`s just so bright and happy having his picture taken, these expression sum Harley up perfectly!

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Found him! His wind feathers are BEAUTIFUL. How about I swap you some tummy/ leg feathers for some gorgeous wing feathers (Alfie is lacking). I think the colour match will be quite good....


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Such lovely wing feathers - well what do you expect from such a handsome chap  x


Lol, I have all his moulted ones so we could do a bit of a colour match! Lol

The pictures show up really well on this new site :)


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Hehe Harley your a true poser baby boy ,brilliant pictures Scarlett ☺

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