Tangos Diet


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Good evening parrot parents! And parrot lovers!

Ive gotten Tango on a new diet since getting him from his previous owner, and was wondering if I'm doing a good job.

I put some fresh fruit and veg in everyday with his new parrot food mix, for example today I put in some freshly sliced banana and chopped up broccoli with this mix:


Thank you all, and sending my love to everyone.

Michael Reynolds

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You are using the same feed that i use as my main seed mix, J&J lean and fit (mind you I do Bye it in bulk of two to four large sacks at a time) . the only thing i will advice is to keep the fresh feed in a separate bowl, I like to give fresh food in the morning and then later give the seed feed, I find by feeding the fresh feed first your bird will have a better chance of eating it, later in the day you will need to remove the fresh feed as it will become stale and may attract flies and the maximum time i have the fresh feed in the cage is eight hours, keeping them separate will mean you will not have to change the seed mix so often as dried feed will be safe a last lot longer. Mixing fresh with seed will make the seeds damp and that can attract Bactria. you can either keep to the one bowl and cleaning it each time or purchase another bowl so the fresh feed will just be given in that bowl. My rosellas used to love carrots sliced, grapes and berries apple, pear and greens
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