Tamarisk Tree safe?


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Hello everyone!

Do you know if Tamarisk (Tamarix) tree is safe for parrots? I have a tree in my back garden but I can't find in any online list.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this information.

Thank you. 😀

Michael Reynolds

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I have no idea and I had looked for more information on this tree myself. I have one in my garden as well, I do keep my birds away from it playing safe rather than sorry, one thing I notice is that the wild birds take no interest in it apart from the odd one that lands on it and takes off quite quickly. having finches, sparrows that play often in the other trees and bushes in the garden its only my friendly Robin that will sit in it watching me hoping I can stir up a few insects for him


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Tamerix is a family species name rather than a specific plant name its also known as salt cedar and is from the Tamaricaceae family which has about 50 or 60 different plant members under the title.
Apparently there is a total of 32 known species of birds that use them to nest in due to the protection that the shrub provides but none of the species feeds on the shrub. https://www.researchgate.net/figure...ding-habi-tat-based-on-habitat_tbl1_227657262
They are termed salt cedars as they grow very well in saline soil, and plants are systemic which means they do take onboard what is around them in the soil …. due to the lack of birds feeding on the plant, the nature of its nutritional requirements to grow well and also that we just have a family species name rather than an exact species identification of the one you have I am with Wendy all the way …. when in doubt leave it out
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