Tail feathers looking a little scraggy


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Hi all
Rio is coming on a treat and becoming a really nice social bird . When we got him he was looking a little disheveled in the feather department and I think this was just down to stress and the fact he was only young .
In the 3-4 weeks we have had him he’s looking a little better but today noticed his tail feathers looking a little scraggy and one is on the verge of dropping out ( see pic )
I’m putting this down to his first moult but just want reassurance that his tail feather won’t be causing him any issues .



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Looks like your bird bent his feather, ours birds tails often goes tatty when they catch them in the bars of the cages. It should cause your bird no harm as long as it is not bleeding, should be nothing to worry about.


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My grey Bo always has tatty tail feathers also, this is as he loves to hang off toys and swings banging his tail on the cage etc. This has never caused him any issues at all.

He has snapped a couple through rough play and they haven't bled so i just monitored him. I have bought some of the powder that helps stop bleeds just in case, its worth getting some if you don't have some yet 😊

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these long tailed parrots do not have a lot of flexibility in the tail (side ways movement from the body), the feathers will bend to a point but as they turn around the tail has a large swing, they can easily snap and more so if in a cage that dose not allow for the swing of the tail owing to size or placement of toys or other cage furniture.
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