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Michael Reynolds

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Rats are always a problem too control when feed it so regally available but they need to make things more hygienic and safe from contamination. Its a constant battle I have had and one I know will be a forgoing thing.


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Oh and at Morley Avaries they have some birds they acquired as you do and the guy was feeding one several cheese cracker/crisps?


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You'd have thought they would know better wouldn't you? :) Gave the impression the business was a cash cow for the whole family.


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Mine do get sunflower (limited amount) and they also get nuts still feeding the deli nature 61 and also the number 64
Just a pain in the backside it's gotten so popular as they keep running out of stock

@plumsmum have never visited their place before only ever dealt with them online or at the PSUK shows.
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