Sunday 9th June (not July!)


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Morning all. Actually dry here for a change this morning, but not sure it will last. I need the heating on again though. I can't remember a June in recent years when I've needed it on so much. Maybe it's just me getting old [emoji1]

More amiguri work today for a pattern I hope to sell eventually, but I'm also putting a couple of free patterns together at the moment. One is for Christmas....need to start getting things done from now onwards to have enough time as I'll be making gifts for family and will probably be asked to do a couple of commissions as well. I have so much I want to do, and tons of creative ideas, but there's never enough time!

Grant likes to ask the birds "give us a kiss" and they will respond with kissing noises, but the other night Frodo started copying him; only he says it as "gee-us a kiss". So, obviously the Scottish accent is rubbing off on him [emoji23]

Hope you all have a super Sunday.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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hello, bright and breezy here today.
Neighbours dropped by to check all was OK after storm Miguel, showed them the newly fallen tree and they are coming round later to cut it down for me, but we will have to be careful as there are wasps or hornets in the wall it has fallen on. Lots and lots of meadow brown butterflies around too, and last night I spent a good 10-15 mins watching the hare

bikergirl Carol

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afternoon all.warm sunny here. ive got washing on the line and in washer cos im going back to daughters tomorrow. she isnt well. doing to much to quickly after baby. Anyone heard from Nigel?
safe day everyone x
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