Sunday 8th December

Michael Reynolds

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Good evening every one, I could not find a post for today but I hope you are all ok. it was a very blustery night and morning with rain at times. birds are all fine I must admit I was feeling a little uncomfortable so I have taken pain killers to ease things off, been resting most of the day. I hope you are all fine.


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Weekends are always dead aren't they?

@Michael Reynolds , you saw the mess stuff we use for the aviary, David has made a care for Oscar out of this, do you think it will be able to stand his beak? New big cage, loads of new toys and he is trying to break out, last I saw he was trying to break out of the window :confundio1:


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Oh yes I hadn't realised there was not a Sunday thread!
Been busy writing Christmas cards today but must buy more stamps.

The winds are getting up here we have yellow warning of gusts up to 70mph overnight. Best batten down the hatches yet again.
By the way hubby wore his new waterproofs today and used the jet washer. He is very pleased with them.


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What exciting weekends all the people who are not around must be having! All I've had is lots of rain and the wife's weird aunt next door making a fuss about our passion vine again. She appears to think it's out to get her and is going to sneak its tendrils into her house in the middle of the night like something from a horror movie. (The full moon is due soon, she usually gets like this around now.) I tried to placate her a bit by trimming it back and picking up some immature fruits and dead leaves that had fallen off on her side, but the rains came as usual before I was half way through and drove me back in.

In other news the doggy has a nasty cut on her neck - quite big and raw looking, though luckily it appears fairly superficial and I couldn't see signs of infection before putting antiseptic, so I'm hoping it will heal Ok without needing vet visits. It was quite an odd-looking injury with a strange indentation in one end as though something had been pressed into the skin with considerable force. We couldn't figure out how she had acquired it without anyone noticing, as she hasn't even been out and about much in the last few days due to the horrendous weather.

Then I realized that the indentation corresponded exactly to the size and shape of her hind nails - she must have been scratching really vigorously and got it caught somehow in a fold of buldoggy loose skin, then pulled a piece off. Yet no one heard her yelp - she's a very stoic creature. Her nails did look a bit longer than usual - they used to wear down naturally but must have grown a bit due to the weather + her recent knee problems reducing the frequency and duration of her walks. Knee has been much better lately, so she may be able to go back to her old schedule whenever the rains finally let up, but I think I may have to invest in some nail clippers before she does it again! (I bet she will love having them done.)
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