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Sunday 6th January

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nigalius, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Morning All...

    Its 5c outside and was 14.7c when I came in here without any heating on. Not bad for beginning of January. The wind is gentle so it should feel pretty warm but tomorrow there are gales forecast with gusts up to 54mph at least.

    The birds are fine and I had a good day with Nacho meaning I am concentrating on his stepping up. At the moment he will only do it for a pine nut but a couple of weeks ago he would sometimes bite but yesterday he stepped up every time without a single lunge. But I am getting worried about the amount of pine nuts he is having so I think I will start cutting them in half, he wont know the difference. I only limit the training sessions to 5 minutes at a time so it does not become boring for him. , would this be about the right time I should be spending on it?

    I am feeling fine now after trying to leave out my reflux meds. Obviously it has not improved as much as I thought it had. I had a row with Amazon yesterday with some idiot who did not know the difference between a Credit card and a Debit card, That was not the reason for the row it was the fact that he asked me, a broad speaking cockney to speak clearer and slower. I was already trying to use the Queens English. He though, was in friggin Philippines telling me, a Briton, to speak clearer. This is not the first time.

    Have a Great Sunday Everyone and hope all those that are poorly improve fast.


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  2. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Morning Nigel and everyone else to come. I did a bit of motorbiking around Scotland and I have to say there were a few times I really really had to consentrate to understand what was said, but being Cornish I'm use to people moaning about accents. Glad your training is going ok ha ha nacho will definitely realize you have cut the nuts in half ! Cold and very still here got to walk the dogs and cook a nice meal today. Luna is still asleep
  3. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good morning everyone, still dark here but no frost.
    Talking of regional accents, Pembrokeshire is usually quietly spoken and slight west country hint to it, but some find my accent difficult to follow.

    Ladies - I saw on the news that this month is being called Januhairy....with women encouraged to allow hair growth...... does this mean moustaches will be appearing :risas3::risas3: To be honest I cannot see young ladies and those of a certain age going along with Januhairy !

    Oh well, enjoy the day. Hope that raised a smile.
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  4. Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

    Wendy Cooper-Wolfe Regular Member Registered

    Milder here today at 2 degrees but no sun forecast so an indoor day for Dora who has been out for a while everyday (in the sheltered warmth) for the last week.
    She is really getting used to toiletting on her various perches now (or is it that we are noticing when she wants to go and putting her there?) whichever way there are fewer poos on the shoulders/knees this week.
    I am coming back to the UK for a couple of weeks, Mr will be fine with her and she with him, but I will miss her (and the chooks) dreadfully. I havent been in our old house since I brought the birds over in November and I know it is going to be so quiet and empty!
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  5. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Good morning everyone. looks quite nice out there and it is warmer than what I expected, birds are in great singing voice today and that yellow thingy in the sky is shining, well I brought a new chip fryer but I had to shop around and I finally got one in Argos. well it was not in stock but they delivered it in the evening, I was surprised how many shops do not sell them know but they have the air cookers. I had had my old one for over five years and found it easy to clean so I managed to get the same type although a few changes it was basically the same model. it came with a small reset tool (something the old one never had) but it made me check the old fryer and yes it had a tiny hole but I could not see inside so I pushed the reset tool in the hole and I herd a slight click. tried the old fryer and it works fine. so now I have a spare brand new fryer. I do not mind as if they are going out of fashion as I was told they are not healthy for us to use I will have this for the future. well I had a lovely fried breakfast with Bacon Sausage Chips Tomato's Egg and a heavily buttered bubble and squeak that a made last night. Healthy eating is not my thing and I eat what I like and enjoy although I must say I do fill a bit bloated at the moment. so my thoughts are for all the people whom are having to stay on a diet and miss the variety of tastes that they enjoy (plus any birds that have to live on pellets) have a good day all
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  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    At the moment two of my budgies are playing a good game, I think I will call it chase the ringneck, Snowy is chasing Pip and Bluey is chasing Bellla, its good fun to watch them trying to get the cauliflower from the ringnecks. Bluey got some and now Pip is feeding a bit to Snowy, now if I gave them a bit of cauliflower the budgies wont eat it. they are off again as Pip has just got a little more in his beak, he looks like he is teasing the budgies but he is a good bird and after them chasing him he always shares his food and early he was feeding some to Alan my disabled Amazon. yippie well Reggie my grey had a bit of the leaf and Snowy landed on his head and made him drop it so both the budgies are now eating at the leaf and Reggie has just steped away and just watching them. Now I know why I do not need a TV with the entertainment I get from watching my flock. Joe Jo (Ringneck)is with Jackie Joe Joe they are both eating from her dish in her cage together
  7. Rain

    Rain Parrot Sniffer Regular Member

    I already have to pluck the occasional hair from my chin and 'tache (the joys of menopause). If I did "Januhairy", I'd end up like a yeti.
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  8. bikergirl Carol

    bikergirl Carol Regular Member

    afternoon all. its fascinating to watch them Michael. i have endless hours of watching the babies. Accents are fascinating. I work in a student accommodation in Durham with a huge variety of accents. we have students from all over the world. I find it difficult pronouncing some names especially as lots begin with y or x. most of them try very hard to speak carefully so numpty me can understand what they want. My boss is south african, the assistant boss is polish and me from the land of the pink panther. :nut::nut::nut:
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  9. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Oh @Rain you did make me giggle :risas3:
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  10. Rain

    Rain Parrot Sniffer Regular Member

    It's not funny - if I left it a month, I could get a job in a sideshow at the circus. :emoji_grin:
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  11. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Dose that mean you can get a job well I hope the government don't read this :risas3::risas3:
  12. Rain

    Rain Parrot Sniffer Regular Member

    @Michael Reynolds Its ok. I don't think there are that many vacancies for the job title of bearded lady.
    Even if there were, all I'd have to do is sit there and brush my chin.
    To any bearded ladies out there - no offence meant.
    Now I'm off to shave my toes - they're getting unruly too.
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  13. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    I don't know as instead of flashing your eyes at the job interview all you have to do is wiggle your little hairy pinkies and I am certain they will give you a job