Sunday 29th Sept


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Good morning, do hope you are all safe and dry. What absolutely awful weather, rain coming down in bucketfuls last night, strong winds too. Still raining now but at the moment not quite so hard. Why so much.

Anyway, it's Sunday and the last one of September, doesn't seem that a month has passed by.

Hope you all have a nice day whatever your plans and whatever the weather.


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Afternoon all
I trust we will get to see a piccie of said baby :)
About time you got video links up so we can web watch your birdies
Pinging it down with rain here now was ok this morning but now its damp dark and flipping miserable but its still luke warmish!

Michael Reynolds

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Rain and more Rain, good afternoon every one, went to Ashford and bought a couple of budgie, sham they are only ornaments, bird are all cheerful , just going out again to help a friend, have a good day


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Evening everyone. Another fairly sunny and dry day here, but the wind is getting up a little so there is probably rain on the way.

Huge squadrons of geese flying over the house since about mid week last week, a few every day. There must be about two to three hundred birds in each flock, maybe more. The noise is huge and makes my heart glad. 🤗

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. Loved the film, but it was bittersweet, because so much of my youth had a Queen soundtrack running in the background. I found myself getting misty over good times long gone.

Glasgow holiday tomorrow, but I have decided to work it as I just don't have enough days to get through all my work at the moment anyway. If you don't hear from me for the next few days, it will be the work 'wot done it 😉

Have a lovely evening y'all.


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Weather here alternating between scorching hot and suddenly chucking it down with rain with very little warning, so we don' t know what to expect from one minute to the next. Nephew should be arriving at the end of the week, I advised him to pack a raincoat, waterproof boots, an umbrella, high strength mosquito repellent, sun block, sandals, shorts, and t-shirts, just to keep all likely eventualities covered!

During one dry period today naughty daughter wanted to play outside on the very unsuitable new bike with stablizers, intended for children of around twice her age, that in-laws (who seemingly possess no common sense) had just got for her. I decided to do some weeding while I was out there (she soon gave up and went back to riding her old tricycle as she couldn't actually sit or pedal the huge bicycle properly, not to my great surprise).

A huge dense bed of Tridax daisies (Tridax procumbens) has been flourishing by the house lately despite the near complete lack of rain and my previous attempts at removal (since when they have grown right back despite not getting any fresh rain water at all). It has extremely deep taproots, hardly seems to need water, spreads by runners everywhere, spreads out its leaves and shoots to cover ground rapidly so thast nothing else can grow, and likes to break off at the base of the stem when you pull it, leaving the root to regenerate, which can only then be got up by determined digging (nearly lost movement in my fingers for a while after trying to pull a few particularly stubborn ones with insufficient grip and not enough digging in the still hard soil). It has a particularly delightful habit of secreting the ends of its taproots under the patio, so I can't get the whole plant up no matter how much I dig. I didn't even get rid of half the patch (and was pretty worn out into the bargain) before the mosquitos and sandflies came out to play, and neither of us had repellent on, so I had to beat a quick retreat. It will probably all have grown back if we get a few weeks of rain now, even from the roots I thought I'd finished digging up. Truly a "noxious" weed, as it has apparently been classified in many places. I suppose I should consider myself lucky it isn't toxic or spikey too...
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