Sunday 28th November


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Morning all, -3c last night and a high of 4 today. Just come back from newsagents , froze my face again walking against the wind. Now I have fired up the log stove and will get nice and cosy soon enough, central heating stops at 8am and then we either out or light the stove.. we warm the mince pies up on the stove before having them with a cuppa, this is Eileen's first batch this autumn/winter..
Looks like masks again for shops etc,. we have never stopped wearing them so its no bother to us.
Stay warm and safe folks, there is lots of icy pavements around here, still plenty of snow around here too.
Enjoy yr Sunday, hope the @Yellowchickenparrot household are not feeling to ill..


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Good morning @Beaky and everyone, goodness me you have a cold day there. It is damp here no frost but cold.
Our power went off 11.38pm last night we were nodding off and the phone bleeped which it does if there's a cut but within about 4 mins it came back on.

I found quite a puddle behind the hand basin pedestal inthe downstairs loo, I knew it kept getting damp there but now it is worse, hubby will have a look but in years gone by he would have tools out and be fixing it, he cannto do it any more so once he's identified the problem we shall have to call someone out, but not today.

We have an old crow coming into the garden who can barely fly and is stiff legged, yesterday it was here most of the day pecking around, also we had 3 Jays at the same time come to feed along with a pied wagtail, woodpecker and the small birds, it was quite something to see but could not get a photo as they would fly away.

Keep warm and safe everyone. Yes I see at last Boris is seeing sense and introducing the wearing of face masks in shops & on transport in England, that never stopped here in Wales. and if it had we would still wear one.

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good afternoon all, I hope you start to fill better soon Yellowchickenparrot, no snow here and its been sunny. pleased they are bringing back face coverings, too many people have not been using any. Flock are all fine and Poppy has finally abandoned her eggs so back to her normal loving self. the vacuum cleaner i recently bought has decided to burn out, so that will be returned. hope the leek will get sorted soon Diana. stay safe and warm every one
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