Sunday 19th July


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Good afternoon, just noticed no one's started a thread for today.

The sun is shining down here after heavy rain all day yesterday.

I set to and cleaned old goldfish this morning- he is 15 now. Then made some yorky puds and not long ago picked 1lb of plump Blackcurrrants so am now about to make a crumble -hubby doesn't like them - he can pull some of his rhubarb and have that.
Blackcurrants are doing well this year this is the second picking and there will be another.

Anyway hope everyone is having a nice day.

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon, had a few problems yesterday with the computer and trying to post a late but morning post as I am having a few problems with my computer locking up. I hope you all are having a great day. been out most of the morning came back and fell asleep for two hours. flock are ok, I left a apple uncut near my babies but that was gone when I got back they chewed most of a carrot and some of the broccoli, preferring the stalk, I almost forgot they had peas as well and they have disappeared. weather was nice first thing but then fine rain but it has stopped now. have a good day every one
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