Im afraid Summer the budgie passed away in my hand just now, ive left her in the cage so Ted can see for a bit but I'll have to get her out soon.
She was on the floor of the cage with her wings spread out and made a little noise because she couldnt walk, so I picked her up and she had passed away in those moments.
IMAG0832-936x1664.jpg IMAG0839-936x1664.jpg

No idea what has happened... Beautiful Budgie only lived to be the same age as Paulie as she was a year younger than him.
She was fit and well, no lumps or bumps.

Goodbye Summer, I'll never forget the day I brought her home to Paulie all those years ago xx


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Heather I am so very sorry that is so sad. Fly free Summer you will be missed xx


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Oh Heather, I'm so sorry - that's incredibly sad. Summer was beautiful. x
Its so sad for the remaining bird, poor Ted on his own, hes always been used to loads of birds in an aviary, then he just had Summer and now hes on his own in my bedroom
I dont want anymore budgies but hes only 2 years old


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Ah so sorry, fly free little one.

Would you consider finding him a home with other budgies? At two hun he has some flying to do yet, bless him. Hugs to you at this sad time. x
Yes I'd love to find him a home with other budgies and lots of freedom, I think an aviary that is what he came from originally, its hard finding homes where people really care for their budgies and who would take him.


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So sorry to read this Heather
Huge hugs to you
Fly free little one Rainbow bridge awaits xx
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