Steam Thread (boring)


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Thanks, I must be mad to try and make these things.
If I were more interested in having my own model steam train than I actually am (not specially), maybe I would want to make something of the kind myself. Not sure I would have the patience to spend so much time on it though!

By the way, is the metal sheet you've been using for that project fairly straightforward to cut/bend/solder etc? What kind of tools do you need?

Particularly for working the brass sheet, as I was thinking of getting some myself soon (maybe a bit thinner than what you are using) for some projects I have in mind, but am not sure exactly what tools and soldering equipment I would need, not knowing all that much about metalwork. I have a small goldsmith's fretsaw already - would it work to cut that kind of material, given a suitable blade?


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The brass sheet is fairly hard to cut with a hacksaw as it's thin and bendy. You can do it just about in a vice if your carful and use a fine blade. I have a metal guillotine which will cut up to 2mm sheet. To solder brass you can use normal soft solder with a small blow torch to get a good run, you can use a soldering iron but to get a good join the metal needs to be hot so a iron is not always the best. Depending on how thin brass you want to work with you can cut thin stuff with scissors and tin snips, files and a vice are needed to.
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