Steam Thread (boring)


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Yes that's right that was the model show one.
But we cannot remember the larger gauge club where their steam engines were stolen. It may or may not come back to us !
Sorry, my mistake, I should have read the post properly instead of skimming through them :oops:


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@Yellowchickenparrot It seems like an interesting project - I don't think I'd have the patience to persist with something like this myself, though I'll be interested to see your progress and the final result! You seem to have done pretty well already. Are you machining most of the components yourself from scratch?

Looks like you're using a lot of brass as well as steel, and I may actually want to be doing a few simple things myself with brass in the not-too-distant future (while not really knowing anything about metalworking at present). Are you available for questions, if I do need to know anything?


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Yes I'm making everything from scratch, I just buy metal and machine everything to shape and size. Brass is my favourite material to work with and most model steam locos are made using lots of brass. I'm always available for questions 😁
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