Sprouting Seeds?


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Hello all!
I just learned how to spout seeds for my birdies and I have a few questions. I'm sure many of you know how many benefits there are to feeding sprouted seeds to your feather babies. I was hoping you knew more about it than me.

Are there only certain seeds I can sprout? Can I just use the bag of commercial bird seed I feed to them already or do i have to get special seeds? I have pictures of the seed mix I feed and a list of the ingredients.

I am so excited to introduce this new food to their diet!
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I think there are many ways to sprout seeds and a lot of wonderful things to use to sprout with.

I try to give sprouted every day though must admit a few times I do not have my system running as it should. My method is a simple one. a tall tumbler in a sink and seed. I put a SMALL amount, defo not too much seed in the tumbler and run water into it. But.... START THE WATER RUNNING AT A SLIGHT DRIP. THEN GRADUALLY AND SLOWLY OPEN THE TAP. This will agitate the seeds and the most important thing is to get rid of the imputities and dust in the seed. The reason I emphasised about starting slowly is because if you just turn the tap on too fast the seeds will simply run over the top and down the sink. You MUST start slowly.

There is no set time really to how often to agitate the seeds and I do it for perhaps 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. Then just leave the seeds in the tumbler until the next rinse. You will see when the seeds are sprouting and then put them in an airtight container and in the fridge. They will last about 3 days in there I think.

I bought my Sprouted seeds from Scarletts but assume you can sprout others. I hope someone else can advise on that. When they are unsprouted they will last for ages but again, keep them in a safe container.


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I check the seed I feed my birds is fresh by grabbing a handful and sprouting it to ensure it's good quality the fresher the seed the faster the sprouting old seeds take ages to sprout if at all and you get a lot of seeds that just don't appear. So my birdies get the sprouted seeds :) Also you can get lots of different dried beans lentils etc from the supermarket that is for human consumption that you can sprout. Bob does it with chickpeas
Ooooo and millet is great to sprout on the stalk too.
We have a thread here somewhere with a list of all the sproutable stuff will ping a link up when I find it :)
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