Some More Photos Of The Attical Park


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Some beautiful birds there, you are lucky living so close to such a place, I'm green.

Looks nice and warm too, I'm freezing....... :dntknw:

nikol witch

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Kendra, here is also cold and rainy hehehe, also there is some snow this period.

But during the summer it is really HOT!!!!


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Thank-you Nikol. Looks like the park has some nice hornbills (some of my favourite birds after parrots). I presume the netting over the penguin pool is to deter gulls - a good idea; at Sewerby Zoo just up the road from me and my second home, only one gull comes to penguin feeding even though the sea is only a short walk away (he is the first one ever to come and the staff and I call him "Sheldon") whereas about 70 turn up to every feed at Flamingo Land which is well inland but I suppose the gulls would not find any sea fish anywhere else around there.
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