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Samin Alakozay

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Hi all,

Hope your all well.

I have moved into a new flat and as soon as the renovations are done I’m going to be getting a new bird but need some advice!!

My initial plan was a macaw but we will be living in a flat with no garden so I don’t think that’s a good idea.

My wife once saw a sun conure called mango and she fell in love so I’m planning to get her one.

I’m not too fan of the smaller birds so I’m planning to get a alexandrine... (ring neck on steroids lol)

The cage will be custom built to fit perfectly where I want it to go

I’m aiming to get them as going as possible around 12 weeks old

My question..

Can these birds live together?
Can they live in the same cage?
Isit best to get a cage with 2 sections
Isit best to get 2 of the same birds ?

Anyone owned any of these birds before? Would love some insight

Thanks guys


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First thing to check is if your flat allows you to have pets, is it leasehold, do you own or rent?
Also be aware that sun conures are very loud so you may end up with complaints from your neighbours about the noise.

Aa for living together, no they will need separate cages and if you get one custom made you must ensure the divider between the cages is sufficient so that they can't get their beaks and toes through to be bitten by the other bird.

Michael Reynolds

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Hi Samin, ok you say that you wanted a macaw but decided against it because you do not have a garden, lets look at the pro's and con's of having such a bird in a flat. They can call very loud, they can be very destructive, they do need a lot of space, they are expensive to keep regarding toys and I will recommend pet insurance as the vet bills if needed are very high. personally depending on the macaw you are looking at getting to how I will answer the question. Small Macaws like the Hahns are great in a flat situation there calls are not as sharp as the ringneck or sun conure they do not need a lot of space so its one bird you may consider, Mid size macaws and the larger macaws, yes the calls are loud but they are not ones to call too often but they do need room in a flat situation but I know of a few people that have these wonderful birds in flats and either they have great neighbours or the birds have been on there best behaviour as non of them have had complaints regarding there birds. I look at there situation and in each case the macaws they have are either trained on a harness or free fly. so much will depend on your location and if there are safe places away from traffic, phone or electric cables, large glass windows, dogs, or other dangers to the bird if you take it out. you say you are moving to a flat, is it a conversion to a house or a high rise type? you do need to work on training and in each case they had there birds from young. Am I against large macaws in flats so much will depend on the time and facilities you can provide. I will recommend talking to your new neighbours of you planes if you do decide on getting a large macaw
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