So what's folks opinions on this


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I do wonder how much research went into this and who their advisers were.


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I have seen these several times on the internet and always wondered how big they were, I thought they were the size you see at zoos. As said look good but totally unsuitable.

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The perfect Christmas present for Clayton, Grumpy and Dusty - they can all live together! And no more mess!

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It's a very strange business as Omlet used to do very good chicken runs. I wonder if they've been taken over.

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the only thing i liked about the advert was when the budgies are flying freely in the room, the cage looks terrible in desingn and too small. it reminds me of the vision cages in the amount of plastic used (and not so well desinged), this was the down side as the plastic became fragile and the cages broke. the amount of space it uses up by its shape means that it will be better for the birds to have an avairy cage. one thing they did not show the birds going back into the cage by them selves. you are also restricted on places to place toys as the angles of the cage only allows for the center panals thet can hold the toys horizontle. no true investigation in to the desinge and how the birds need to live i think could of been made and i think some student must off thought they will make a cage to look differant without looking at the practicle side of keeping small birds. the cost is very high for what you get. i will not recomend any one getting one,


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Neither the design nor the sales blurb impress me at all, but besides all the modish marketing speak and interior design jargon aimed at convincing potential purchasers how fashionable and modern they will be if they acquire the cage, my favourite bit was this:

Lying sales blurb said:
More Spacious Than Other Bird Cages

The Geo gives your pet budgies, canaries and finches space to fly in all directions. Many traditional cages are shallow front-to-back giving birds only one direction in which to fly. In contrast, the geodesic shape has no such limiting dimension, which means your birds can exercise in any direction. The Geo Bird Cage is comfortably large enough for two birds and the wire spacing is suitable for all kinds of small birds so it can be enjoyed by budgies, finches and canaries.
This is misleading rubbish. Due to the shape the interior volume of the cage is actually significantly less than that of a rectangular square cage of the same dimensions, approx. 60x60x60, which would occupy the same space in your house. Less even than that is actually usable by the bird due to the shape of the cage limiting the positioning of perches and making it only possible to fly close to the centre. It even has less surface than a square cage of that size would for the bird to climb around on, and as has been said, is very limited in places where toys can be put.

The claim that it is somehow bigger is apparently based on their assumption that another cage of the same width would necessarily also be extremely narrow. Well, if that worries you, why not just get a square cage? It's going to be cheaper for the same (apparently rather low) material quality, will take up the same space in your home, and will have more space for the bird to play in (probably at least 30% more, both of potential flight space and surface climbing area, though I don't know the formula to be more exact). Oh, and you won't have to fiddle about cutting paper liners to fit (with a lot of wastage if you have to buy the paper), or alternatively spend a lot of money over the years buying theirs, which is presumably what they want, since I can't imagine any other manufacturer will make liners to fit.

Oh, but wait:

Pretentious sales blurb said:
Modern, mathematical and minimalist it creates a fascinating talking point in your home.

Timeless design complements any interior.

Customisable with a choice of beautifully designed stands and colours.

...available in two sophisticated colours chosen to complement your home.

[I won't even bother with the bit about the birds entertaining themselves by itentifying constellations from looking at the interior side of the night cover, from inside, when it is dark.]
They couldn't be clearer that this cage is targetted at the modern, image-conscious, urban hipster type (who is probably not the typical bird keeper on here!). I would suggest that everyone who does not fit this mould steer well clear!
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