Small celebration for some progress


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I wasn't sure where to post this 😂 me and Mally, our Rosella, have made some progress recently. Finally managed to get him to land on my hand for certain treats :) it's only for brief moments but sometimes he'll linger, one time he bit me then walked up my arm before zooming off again 😂

Here is the link to a video of it, sorry, couldn't figure out how to post it directly here 😂

It's his own little twitter that I started posting things to, if any of you are interested in that too.

But yeah! Pretty proud of how far we've come in a few months ☺


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Sounds like great progress!!
You can't post videos directly, but you can upload them to YouTube and then post the link here.


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Getting to know the character and personality of, and developing the relationship with, our birds is part of the joy of caring for them. Mally coming to you like that is a huge step for both of you.

Telling that to someone that is not familiar with birds and it will probably not raise an eyebrow, but post it on here and people understand what a significant step it is. Well done to you both :)
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