Sick chook?

I was off work today and noticed one of our hens doing the neck wiggle (like a giant parrotlet!) and as I'd just thrown some corn for them I assumed she'd got some stuck. However a couple of hours later I saw her still doing it. I'll attach a video. I moved her into the aviary (it's out of use for the winter other than a quick walk outside, so excuse the state of it!). Her crop was full and fairly soft. She did a bit of a watery poo (seen at bottom left on video). Her weight is good and she is acting normally. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before in their hens, and what can I do to help her? We'll monitor her and will obviously get her to the vets if we're worried but in the meantime thought I'd check in with you lovely peeps! Video to follow when I figure out how to attach one :lol: ...
I'm still struggling to put the video on as apparently mp4 is the wrong format but I don't know what it should be. We're actually due to do the worming at the end of this current bag of feed, so at least that's on the cards! Thanks x
Update.... Mike took her to the vets late this afternoon, as first thing this morning, her crop was huge and squishy. We were thinking possible sour crop. We'd only seen her do the little watery poos. When he opened the carry case, the was the obligatory mahoosive turd to prove us wrong about one thing :biggrin:. Ultimately, yes she is having trouble emptying her crop, but possibly is stuffed with grass or maybe hay she's eaten :oops:. There's nothing apparently sinister, as good is passing through, but we do have to keep an eye on her. Mike has been given a lesson and equipment for tube feeding in case we need to intervene if her crop becomes impacted. Our vet was pleased with the prospect of worming though :applaudit:. So glad it's a positive outcome.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hopefully all will sort itself out OK, we have had problems in the past when they start eating a lot of grass in the spring - and go for long fresh grass if they can. also if it seems to be becoming impacted you can use a little sunflower oil and F10 syringed into her and massage her crop till it goes soft.
Sadly we did have one whose digestive system just seemed to stop working - a condition they called ilius.
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