Show me your play areas


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Hi All.

So we having a move around to accommodate Bert a bit better, i have sky coming next week to move the sky box and phone line, so bert can have an area, the plan is to have his cage and a play area or some sort in that corner by the window.

post pics or yours as im looking for ideas.


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I am Jardine Jessie's play area. Sorry, but I don't have any recent photos :D She plays on me with a complete lack of concern for her own safety, but she trusts me to catch her and she is used to being handled quite firmly. She also likes to play on the sofa, under and around cushions.

Beyond that, bearing in mind that they have both been here for a year and are familiar with their surroundings, Jessie and Eclectus Frankie make good use of the entire living room and kitchen (when we're not preparing food or cooking). They rarely use the floor. We have a homemade bird table and climbing frame, both of their cages have play tops, plus there's the curtain pole and the curtains, which take quite a lot of abuse - we buy cheap ready-made ones and replace regularly.

The kitchen has what I'd call an old fashioned stand - the type you'd hang a budgie/song bird cage from. It is about 6' high and the metalwork is wrapped in sisal (natural rope). The hook has a boing on it, plus a plaited sisal rope down the centre to the floor, with pieces of wood woven in. It gives the birds a great vantage point when they are surveying their kingdom/queendom. The rope gives them plenty of places to grip and climb. There is a tall wooden T-bar near the window too, as Jessie likes to watch the garden birds.
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