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Show Me Your Horses!!

Discussion in 'Non Parrot Media' started by Kehaar, May 10, 2018.

  1. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    This is Minstrel, a fell pony. I exercise and train him for a friend. I helped break him in 18 months ago. He is 6 this year and has a show in two weeks. Ridden, jumping and in hand! We need to get our skates on. He loves bananas, scratches, galloping, playing in water and being told what a clever boy he is. He dislikes strangers, tractors, ear rubs (we are working on that), being caught (sometimes) and being told to stand still. I recently got a scooter so I can see him everyday! IMG_20180510_122051.jpg IMG_20180510_122605.jpg IMG_20180510_122320.jpg

    I'll get some better pictures soon.

    Who else has horses on here? I'd love to see them!
  2. plumsmum

    plumsmum Regular Member

    Ah he is gorgeous. Love horses but allergic as heck to them :-(
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  3. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    ECCA9021-8D88-41F7-96ED-D18A6EC65D92.jpeg I have heard lots about Minstrel....and when I saw this on line earlier I sent it to Kehaar.

    He does look like he is grinning in that first photo....planning mischief no doubt!

    @Erika is one member who has horses
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  4. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes I thought that too looks like he's grinning, and look at those beautiful long eyelashes.
    I like to look at horses from a distance, am a bit scared of them if I'm honest, which was very difficult to manage when I used to take my girls for their riding lessons when young, and I had to pretend I wasn't !
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  5. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    He is a mischievous boy! Spooky too so he needs to be practically carried through new situations. He likes to carry his own lead rope too cos he's a big boy!
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  6. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Screenshot_20180510-165325-810x1440.png FB_IMG_1525967618747.jpg

    This is Cassie our horse, in the first photo, I'm alright with her but not keen on horses in general unfortunately, I am scared of them.
    Second photo is Sunny and me, a very naughty horse I used to ride when I was little, apparently he would behave if there was a child on his back but one day he forgot himself and galloped across a field with me on the back...
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  7. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    There are about thirty horses on the farm and some are stabled but also some in the fields. Only got to know one but the others are very friendly. I do get worried about some drivers as they tend to go faster than what is safe especially when children are riding on them, that's always a problem with country roads they ignore the horse warning sign. Weekends can be very busy at the riding school
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  8. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    Beautiful horses. I love them all. rode as a child & would love to do so again ( if shift a couple of stone & hope knee works for it) I love this horse meme...
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  9. marley

    marley Regular Member

    Had these two babies here last summer to get them used to being handled, they were from a gypsy dealer and were totally untouched, loved working with them and was fun to have horses back on the place.

  10. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    This is monkey this morning. Getting him ready slowly over the week, rather than in one great big dash on Saturday :)
    I've plaited his mane because he's getting hot in the field even first thing in the morning he's a tad damp from sweat, despite his summer coat already being here. Had the absolute joy of washing him for the first time in 6 months. He behaved like I was taking a chainsaw to him at first but then he relaxed and realised it was nice having a massage with suds and cool water. Silly thing! I was sure I was going to have to wash myself in front of him first for him to realise it wasn't going to be a traumatic experience, but he soon understood :) luckily he's a very quick learner :) IMG_20180514_101339.jpg
  11. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I like to admire horses from a distance haha
    Our horse is very slow and no bother at all so I don't mind her but she was temporarily sharing a field with a pony and I was scared of him, he ran at us because he wanted fed, I ended up locking myself in the stable as he was trying to push himself in after the food

    I just find them so clumsy and big and heavy... I've fell off them a fair few times as well haha
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  12. Erika

    Erika Regular Member

    Lovely photos what an handsome chap
    l’ve three equines two new forest ponies & a Irish sports horse l’ll try & upload some photos but have found that they are too large to post.
    I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow as l’ve an early start

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  13. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    So cute and squishy! I have an early rise tomorrow too...just noticed the time :emoji_astonished: