Should I bring home a Male or Female Cockatiel? Any help appreciated!


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Hey everyone!

I hope this is in the right spot :). I'm bringing home a tiel in the next few weeks and I'm not sure whether I should get a male or female- I've been thinking for weeks and still can't decide! ....

I've heard that males are louder and better with strangers than females. Apparently they have worse hormonal periods than females- Is this true?
I've also heard females are sweeter/friendlier ,quieter and shyer. There's always the risk of chronic egg laying which I worry about.

I know personality differs from bird to bird but I would love to know what the general attributes are when it comes to gender.

So, what do you guys think? If you prefer a gender, which? Are there any notable differences between your male and female tiels? Are males ear piercingly loud?

I know birds are going to be loud in general, some may not want to sit on your shoulder, some may never be trained etc. and I'm ok with that. I'm just wondering what your experiences are. Any comments/advice appreciated!

Thank you! :D

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Personally I'd so go for a male if its for a pet. Purely from the egg laying point of view. It can be difficult to prevent or stop egg laying if the female is determined. Plus nesting behaviour can bring in more complications. Not saying a male won't get in the breeding mood but at least he won't be laying eggs.

As for personality, as you say it varies from bird to bird.

Are you picking the bird up from a breeder? You may find that the little one chooses you rather than the other way around ;)
We don't have tiels, so can't really add anything. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum! We did have female parrotlets years ago, one of whom we lost due to egg laying issues, so purely from that experience I would say a male bird in a species known for egg laying. However, we do have a friend who has a female tiel with no egg issues at all!
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