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Sexual Maturity In A Gcc

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by KazLacey, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. KazLacey

    KazLacey Regular Member Registered

    Hi guys,
    Just need some support, my GCC Kevin has disappeared and been replaced with the demon bird. It’s over 2months since he started being hormonal, very territorial and masturbating on anything and everything (not me though). He seems to be moulting a bit as well as finding feathers on floor.
    I can’t get near him, he attacks everyone, although he still comes near me sometimes just to sit close. No way to get him to step up without being bitten to death. I expect as this is he’s his 1st hormonal season, that it’s likely to be the worst. Have to be very careful in picking my time to chat and get close as sometimes he turns into a demonic humming bird and bites mid air. Please tell me this devil will eventually go and my sweet GCC will return. Or any help would be gratefully received (starting to wear gloves as he attacks my hands on the computer keyboard. Still love him loads, he ain’t going nowhere.

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  2. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Ooooo ouch...... yes typical GCC Behaviours....... yes it will pass, but for small birds they can be really big and boisterous especially with the hormones thrown in.

    @Kehaar will be able to share your demon Behaviours as both her Male and female GCCs can turn from sweet to little rotters in the blink of an eye.

    Be patient, try to remain calm, once they see you are wound up they start exploiting it even more.
  3. KazLacey

    KazLacey Regular Member Registered

    Thank you so much.
    He’s currently destroying the eyebrows off my butler statue (bless).

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  4. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Many GCC go through stages of biting and normally it will pass over but yours sounds more like he wants attention or to be noticed at all times and will punish you if you are doing other things. no one ever told him he should not bite the hand of the one that feeds him. yes they can try to rule the roost my George is going through a stage of wanting to be the most noticed bird around and can get a little naughty to another bird if it is on me when I am in the bird room, Out side the bird room he is a different bird so I know that side of his behaviour will soon pass. He has never tried to bite me but just wants me to talk to him and all the time I give him attention butter will not melt in his beak.
  5. KazLacey

    KazLacey Regular Member Registered

    When he first started being hormonal he would be nasty to everyone else but still ok with me. Now however he is just as nasty to me . I try not to let him get a rise out of me. He’s always had and continues to have a lot of attention. He spends he’s days out of the cage free to fly around. I’m just waiting in anticipation for this behaviour to calm down.

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  6. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    Mine are turning 5 this year and show no signs of letting up on the crazy hormones twice a year.
    I try not to encourage mine to go find small dark spaces as I find it hightens the aggressive behaviour. Although, Sometimes it can be tempting to let them have an hour as it gives me peace and I don't have to keep wondering where they are.Mine love to sneak down the side of my bed. I spent about 20 minutes looking for Kouki the other day, she had wedged herself so far back in a dark corner down my bed she just blended in. Panic is an understatement!

    Cicero is the WORST for hormones...and biting in general. I've got so used to his flying attacks I just out manouver him by ducking in a loop so he can't turn fast enough to land on me. Do that enough and he soon realises it's not worth the effort. Sometimes I just leave the room if I want to murder him, or sometimes I pretend he's a brand new bird I've just got, as that helps me forgive his naughty behaviour. He currently has just down feathers on his front. He does this every single year when it's hormone time. He's gone a lot easier on Kouki's head this year, but she has her own set up if he starts to groom her a bit too zealously. Kouki is egg clucking, although shows no signs of them developing (yet). she laid last year.

    Cicero also likes to sit and be close to me, just like yours. Try not to look him bang smack in the eye, as I find Cicero thinks I'm challenging him and will be more likely to go for me or get wound up :/ I generally look like I'm ignoring him (avaoiding eye contact), but chat away and vocalise with him while I read my book or do something else. Have you tried giving your wee man a foot toy while he's sitting on your laptop, for him to play with while you type? Might keep your little monkey distracted :)
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  7. KazLacey

    KazLacey Regular Member Registered

    Thank you , so good to know I’m not alone with a demonic bird :(
    I’m sure he will get better, just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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  8. Kehaar

    Kehaar Regular Member

    How're you getting on with your little one?