Settling In.... Day 4


It’s day 4 with our new family member Gizzy, and we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. Today I’ve seen him eating twice! He’s a funny little thing cos he stops if I look at him... but I don’t people watching me eat either!!
I know he’s been eating over the last few dats as I’ve seen the remains on the floor, but now he’s confidently tucking in while I’m in the room, and even staying by his food bowl when I walk past. Definitely a sign of him getting used to me being around. Yesterday evening I tried placing my hand on the outside of his cage (low down so he can see it) I’m focusing on working on him seeing my hand as the provider of food and nothing to be afraid of. I’ve tried offering him a piece of apple by hand but he’s too timid yet, so by my thinking If I offer it and then he sees me put it in separate ‘treat’ bowl, he might decide soon not to wait!
Every day is a school day!


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You’re doing really well :thumbsup:

They don’t like being watched, as they think we may be a predator. Slow and steady is the key to gaining trust.
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