Scam Phone Call


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I had an extremely professional scam phone call this morning.
I was a recorded message from a number within my village to my landline. Which was the only reason I answered the phone.
This is your bank we have held some recent transactions on your account please call us back to confirm their validity. Alternatively you can press one and access your bank account or press two to speak to our team.
I don't bank in our village it doesn't have a flipping branch!
I hung up thought hmmm weird wrote down the number and called our telephone exchange. The checked my phone yes I received it then checked the number that phoned which hadn't made any out going calls.
Telephone exchange has informed the people at Ofcom and the police and the poor bloke who's landline has been spoofed. Even the telephone exchange was amazed how professionally it's been done to spoof a local landline to do it.
Me I'm suspicious of everything but I was concerned that my neighbours some are elderly and being a local landline number doing the calling would they realise.
If someone calls me from my bank I say you can't prove who you are I will phone back on the number I use to speak to you not one your giving me and do it that way. I would rather pay for a telephone call than be scammed.

Now knowing they have the ability to tap in to local area codes and local telephone numbers .... Spread the word peeps keep yourself and others safe.
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