Saturday 5th October


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Good morning

A dull damp morning down here.

Not a lot to report but am off to Argos soon to collect bathroom scales I reserved on-line last night as ours have cracked, mind they are over 20yrs old!

Birdies & dogs all been out and fed etc etc. Birdies busy munching at their breakfasts.

Enjoy the day.

Michael Reynolds

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Good after noon all, been out all morning but came back to a loud chorus and excited birds, I do not know why as I did not buy any thing for them, weather has been very cloudy but no rain yet, I do wish you all have a good day


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Where has everyone been today? or have they just felt like me, switched off to the world. Nothing really to say as I have not been here, body has but not the mind. Hope you were all out having an exciting time,

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Weird day, while Im here on my own its easier to shower in the evening, but then today woke up with severe bed hair so had to decide what to do about it if I wanted to go out later - so showered again (Dora sat on her drawer and enjoyed some steam), and made myself look (semi) presentable to go walking over in Tocane. Made everything fun for Dora and sorted her to be happy in her cage while I was out , got in the car and ......nothing, engine not turning over at all and a warning about a particulate filter came on. Watsapp and phone calls to husband, plus the manual and youtube videos and finally got the battery on the charger (strange clamp on the positive terminal). So, it seems to have charged by nightfall and will see what happens tomorrow - this is after it swallowed a CD and now wont even admit to having a CD player as part of the audio system. Patient husband says not to worry it could be a few other things and he can talk me through tomorrow. Dora in all this seems to have tuned into my anxiety and attached herself to my shoulder making it just more difficult to keep leaving her while I sort stuff out and see to the chickens.
Ho hum, for the first time ever I opted for "home start" insurance this year - looks like I might need it, and will ask around for recommendations of a good garage in town.
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