Saturday 4th January

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Morning folks, I'm so pleased that your wound is healing quickly @Michael Reynolds - keep up the good work, and @Eddie I hope Eddie improves quickly too.
A dank and damp day here yesterday, went for a regular mammogram screening and was feeling amused thinking that people in the waiting room were admiring my red boots, but afterwards realised I still had my jeans turned up from being out with the chickens :nut:. Went to the village New Year gathering last night, at least I understood everything that was being said this year, and know about 20% of the people there, and was introduced as a parrot lady! However as I had to go alone I felt a bit of a spare part and left fairly early only to fall asleep on the sofa and wake with a cricked neck!
However its Saturday, the rain has stopped and Dora has just had her little bit of boiled egg, chop isnt for her unless its a salad on MY plate!
Have a good day everyone


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I remember having a spray tan and getting some strange looks... was checking myself over thinking maybe cardigan was inside out/topped tucked into leggings or toilet roll hanging out.. turns out it had streaked all over my face 🤦‍♀️. Eddie is still a bit zonked from the procedure, and having to towel her without any prior experience and me freaking out didn’t help this morning, but the medicine is in and so have another 10 hours to prepare ourselves until the next dose. Tried it in Ribena, took a small sip, then tried to throw the spoon.. then tried it on toast, completely ignored.. had small bit of a grape and started gagging so had no choice 😔

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon every one, been a slightly chilly but bright day, took my Neighbor to Ford this morning so I was out from 4:30am. I only drove and he would not let me help him carrying a few things. yes he was being quite strict but he was very pleased that I was able to drive him there. came back and sorted out the chickens but there owners come back tonight so I can lay in a bit longer tomorrow. birds are all noisy and excited that I am home. Have a good day every one.
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