Saturday 28th Sept


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Morning all, weather still much the same here, grey, blowey and raining off/on, although we don't cop for as much as some areas. Just looked at weather forecast and no real sign of picking up until the 10th of next month! That seems a long way a way off :-(


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Hiya peeps
Sorry am missing a lot at the moment step-dad has done his hip in and has to have an operation this week to replace it so helping out looking after mum and him think I am going to meet myself coming backwards shortly!
Really wet and windy over this side of the country. Wind smashed all my sunflowers so have taken the heads off to dry them out a bit and stop any mould growing so I can hang them out in the garden this winter to feed the wild ones.
Tomato plants …. errrrr they are defo history! Unripe toms rolling around all over the place outside.
Ginger the stray cat has decided he's hibernating for the winter in his cosy bed and only getting up to look out the window in the kitchen if entirely necessary. Odd how a feral rufty tufty scruffy moggy can suddenly decide he doesn't do the outside any more lol used to be would cat glimpses of him in the bad weather or see foot prints in the snow or mud as a sign he had been around to scavenge food. He only comes in the kitchen and has a bed next to the radiator and is still a very nervous creature but he seems to appreciate the ability to get out of the weather and have a full tummy to over come his nervousness although a loud noise can still send him into a right tizz.
Henni is being a monster at the moment … my failings at tidying up after myself …. means my coat and my new jeans have both had their zips killed as has two of the zips on the settee! She doesn't swallow the bits she just rips the little teeth off and you find a pile of them laid at the side lol hey ho a bit of sewing to do me thinks :) no great shakes and will teach me to put things back where they should be :p
Whatever your up to stay warm and safe


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Busy busy busy you are @DizzyBlue not only with looking after your mum and step dad, I do hope his hip replacement soon settles and heals up, I know it takes quite sometime and he must do the exercises physio will give him to do.
Don't talk about Tom plants, still got a few green ones doing their best on the kitchen window ledge, did have about 4 ripen well on the plant although one or two were sort of dry inside. Nice that Ginger feels safe and comfy in your kitchen, we still have Bruiser the barn cat who would love to come indoors but dogs wouldn't allow it and neither would I , still he's a nice comfy bed, food & drink upstairs in the barn, gets brushed regularly by hubby.
Don't worry about being missing off the forum with all that's going on for you right now. We shall do our best and plod on.


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Thanks Diana
thing is I miss not getting on here :( I like gabbing to peeps about the birdies and other stuff that's going on and what everybody is up to … it's like a parrot bubble world :) lets face it when we talk to peeps around us about parrots they look at us like we have lost the plot lol and then you see their eyes slightly glaze over :risas3:


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Morning all after what seems ages.
Hope u are all doing as fine as possible. 😀
It's windy but so far with little sun here.
Both birds are digesting their breakfast and grinding beaks.
Done some cleaning to catch up after a week at work and not having to e for anything.
Felt K.O. last night and slept till 9 this morning.
Off to the market for some veg.

Oh and Cash had a flight today with ok ish landing.
Celebrated for about 5 mins after.

Have a good one all.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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wind keeps rolling through the little valley here, but the rain it brings has been light. Dora seems a bit flighty with the wind and keeps landing on my head, but has now settled for a doze. I think she is missing my husband whose now back for a few weeks in the UK, and who phoned this morning to say he is missing us too.
Love the descriptions of cats @DizzyBlue and @dianaT , once moved into a house where the previous tenant had died and the old cat was still around, I gradually tempted him closer and for a while he lived in the (padded out) old concrete coal bunker, then eventually moved in with me. He had very little fur (just grey underfluff in places) and only 1 canine tooth, plus kidney disease but he was lovely and adored my dad who would hand feed him corned beef! He moved with me and lasted another couple of years.


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Tomatoes? do not mention tomatoes, I only had 1, but maybe I should have potted the tiny tomato plant into a bigger pot, just never got around to it.

Very windy here, house making all sorts of noises as if it was really old, which it is not, better check on house insurance in case it blows down (hopefully).

Lots of house thing to do and I find housework so booorrringg. Why bother, it only becomes messy again?

Michael Reynolds

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good afternoon, it was sunny and windy this morning but now raining, had a night up but feeling quite tired now birds are all calling for me, went out and picked a shopping bag of apples, was going to pick some berries but it started to poor down, bought a air purifier that had not been used yesterday at a boot sale, it all works fine but no remote but well worth the ten pounds I paid for it, have a good day every one


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Evening all. It was a sunny and warm day here today. And it has whizzed by yet again!

My mum is going home today after a few days in hospital. It was a bit worrying for a time there, but she's on the mend now, so all is good.

Busy binge watching Call the Midwife on Netflix and giving my tear ducts a good clean out - I swear I can't watch a single episode without tearing up ! 😂

Antibiotics seem to be doing Ziggy good. The chestiness appears to be gone and the plucking, while still happening daily seems less than before. Here's hoping this is the sign of a decrease.

Have a lovely evening y'all!
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