Saturday 27th November


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Morning all, very high winds over night and woke up to 3" of snow and a chilling wind, we walked up to the paper shop and it was enjoyable but coming back we faced a northerly headwind which froze our faces brrr.
I am surprised just how much seed G&T eat for two budgies, but its always a good sign that they are healthy.
Keep warm and safe folks especially eastern Scotland and the Welsh west coast and also northern England..


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Good morning all!


well today is the moving day! waiting for the sister and her boyfriend to come to the house to drive the van as dad is poorly!
man was supposed to come and plaster today, he hasn’t made contact so thats
animals minus bo are in their travel cages waiting to go, bo is dancing and whistling with joy he isn’t in his... little does he know!

Dreading the move but best get cracked on, working at 2pm.. sister better hurry up or she’s in trouble, she’s an hour late😂

hope everybody stays safe and warm!


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Good morning everyone,
Gosh seems weather is horrible everywhere, we woke up and found few broken roof tiles in the garden, landlord will come up on Monday to fix it…it’s raining here at the moment and Bluey is having her dry shower 😂she started to do that occasionally… she runs and jumps next to the window with her wings up and behaves as she is showering… tried to take her to the bathroom to have shower…only thing I got was angry pin and screaming serenade before she flew back to living room… tried to spray her by the window and she didn’t like it neither and flew to different window 🤣
Take care everyone ❤

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Good morning, no snow, no wind but very cold and damp, Getting rather annoyed regarding my garden being either flooded or like a bog at the moment, its now flooded my neighbours garden as well. Ok there has been a leek up the road since I moved here but this has only affected my garden since the road was resurfaced. South East water has tested the water in the garden and tell me it has no chlorine in it and a PH level of 5. they are still trying to solve the leek but say it not there problem as its not there water. So it is suspected that the drain pipe got damaged when they re surfaced the road, Kent county council will not act on this until the leek is solved up the road and that Southern Water (responsible for sewage) has checked it not being caused by damage in there pipes. (none run near the road) now this has given me a slight extra problem as my garden is now like a pond of what is stagnant water, and the rules I have to keep to for the requirement of Bird flu prevention. this requires me to fence of or cover such areas so wild birds are not attracted. all I can do is fence off the garden from the path leading to my door and hope this is sufficient. the approved disinfectants that i have to use for foot bath and cleaning cost me just over £200 the other week and It will last for many years as I had to buy at a commercial amount but it has to be bird safe as well. Unfortunately F10 is not approved, as having over 50 flock members i must keep to the requirements. As from Monday you will not be able to free fly your parrots as this will be illegal and they will have to be housed or prevention taken to keep them from contacting with wild birds. Laura I hope your move goes smooth as possible. Keep warm and safe every one
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