Saturday 26h October

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Diana and all that follow, yes the weather turned quite nasty yesterday evening and over night the wind was quite strong along with heavy rain, its nice and dry now. I had been up all night but was going to go out early this morning so fed the birds around three thirty this morning and then my neighbour said he dose not want to go out, so its a day in but I may just go to town later. have a good day every one

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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After saying I had put away T shirts yesterday it turned sunny and I had to get some out again! Chilly but a nice day today too so plenty of opportunity to be outside. Husband is counting the days before he can get dry and warm again.
Planted 5 kg of daff bulbs - due to the stony soil here I gave up with a traditional bulb planter and just dug big divots with a mattock, dropped the bulbs in and replaced the soil and grass. Hope to have a lovely drift of daffs on a grassy bank come spring.
Keep well everyone


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Well done England rugby they have just beat NZ and are through to the finals. Tomorrow Wales v SA to find out who they play.


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Yes, many people on holiday this week :)nut:), even my daughter down in Cornwall, many here in Lincs but it is the school half term. No idea what a holiday is, I would be worried over the birds if I went away.

Was a terrible night here, not sure what was going on but booms and bangs, today it is damp but not raining, excellent holiday weather.
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