Saturday 25th July


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Good morning!
Dull day here too, rained all night!
Shower day for the my birds also, fifi has had her bath and is extra happy, Bo on the other hand has seen the water bottle and is now ducking his head and shouting 'peak a boo' trying to make me forget he needs a bath. Cheeky parrot!
Time to soak these birds then going to venture out before work for more toys for them!

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Good morning everyone, a dull wet one here.
So far so good with electrics although more to be done, it's been very hard work for hubby now he finds it difficult to bend and kneel (its the getting back up) no idea when he will get at least one of the knee replacement ops done.
Well parrots all got their breakfast as have the dogs & barn cat not forgetting Haven the old gold fish, next is the garden birds who along with their feeders being replenished also have the left over fruits etc from the parrots.
Hope you all have a decent day.


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Morning all.

It's going to be windy and wet in the West Mids today. Deep cleaning day, so we'll be busy inside - the weather can do whatever it wants.

Vet visit for Jessie yesterday - nothing urgent, an annual checkup. The clinic are doing regular consultations again and I booked her in for microchipping too. I've put it off for ages as the procedure scared the heck out of me. We have Eclectus Frankie done a while ago, but he's a bigger bird (400g to Jessie's 250g). I needn't have worried, Jessie was fine. She sulked in her cage for a couple of hours once we were back home, but she is back to her usual self again this morning.

Odd thing with the 'chip registration. For Frankie, I went on to the Identibase website and registered him no problem. For Jessie, I assumed I'd just log in again using my existing details and "add a pet". This didn't work. I ended up having to register Jessie as if I were a new user. Fortunately, it didn't complain that I used identical details (name, address, contact numbers, email ,etc), but I did think that the process was a bit rubbish and poorly designed. One account, several pets. How hard can it be?

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Morning everyone, a dull start here and a little cooler but no rain, my car is booked into a local garage for a service on Monday so it's had a wash. Dora was allowed the treat of sitting inside the car while I worked.

Have a good day.


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Morning all grey and overcast here, Northern Parrots delivery arrived early, now in Milford registering KIKI at the All pets vet care as our avian vet has moved to Bridgend practice. They have got 2 Exotic vets in the practice so we have made an appointment for the 8th August for her annual check up and get her beak and claws trimmed

Michael Reynolds

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Most of my birds are chipped using identabase they email me with all the birds that they have on there list every year to see if their are any changes. the notifications are with all the birds they have registered although they had not been done together and I had registered them seperatly
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