Saturday 20th November


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Good morning

Hope you are all keeping well.

You probably have read the to do re Arthur our old GR and his out of hours trip to the vets, what with that and grandson staying a few nights things have been busy here. Then yesterday hubby forgot his credit card/bank cards pin numbers and kept putting wrong ones in so now all his cards are stopped, many phone calls were made and he is being sent new numbers etc. !! The week began with lots of problems and trying to help folk and seemed to continue the rest of the week. Oh well we all do what we can to help others. Never a dull moment here.

@Beaky how are you - your back and things in general.

Have a good Saturday folks.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Having had a sneezle day and tickle throat the Vick's "first defense" worked and my sniffle disappeared. Like battery acid but if it works I'm happy!
It's a dry bright day and Ive been raking leaves, sorting out old plants and chipping off old paint from conctete windowsills while Dora shouts at me scraping and is quiet when I stop.
Still treating Sophie hens bumblefoot (almost clear of a scab) and crop which isn't emptying properly...poor girl, she's getting very used to being handled though!
Take care folks

Mick Lee

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Hi all bit dull here in Essex today getting on marvellously with biko he is a funny parrot gaining more trust every day he loves my 5 years old granddaughter follows her everywhere goes on her when she sitting down as well to be honest he gets on well with all the family he can also be very loud and naughty but hey we all know what parrots are like don't we here are some pics of him and my granddaughter


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