Saturday 17th August

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, dry at last out with thin cloud, birds are all in fine voice and full of energy, I will be picking up the car later from my mechanic. well Bobbie is doing his regurgitation on my hand so I put him back on his cage, Cash is busy eating but there cages are open. hoping Cash will climb on me, Bobbie fly's to my shoulder but as we are still working on trust I get him to go on my hand but he is showing his frisky side that can lead to a sennie bite. Hoping all toughs unwell and feeling down will fill better today have a good day every one IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0444.JPG


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Good morning, it has stopped raining ! I am pleased as chaps have taken the portable railway to an event today then there's another next Saturday and that's all for this year. Son in law & grandsons have gone too.
Hope everyone has a nice day and the sun is out where you are.


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Morning all. its a sunny warm day here in Stafford and set fair for at least a week thank goodness.
The 5k run went well, i was digging up a shrub the other day and a robin was virtually standing on my spade he was so close looking fro grubs i may dig up i reckon, I bought some meal worms from Wilko on my way back this morning and after scuffing the dirt in the same place in the garden for a short time out popped robin from the hedge. I nipped and got some meal worms and he/she was on then in a flash, After reading what a short life robins have it was a nice feeling to see it enjoying the worms..
The daughter is on her way back from Manchester Airport from her NY break and we will be taking Tally back tomorrow.
@Michael Reynolds congratulations on the MOT test its always a worry and major relief when it passes..
Not a cloud in the sky at mo and always more cheery after so much rain.
Have a good day all,


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Looks like Bobbie fell in love quickly
Is that Jackie behind him?
How does he behave with other birds out? I hope he forgot his terrorising behaviour.


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Have merged the threads @dianaT but you can do it next time :)
@karenslamb69 have just replied on your other post regarding talking. Lovely to have more kakariki owners on here there are a few of us there's also who has them YellowChickenParrot and BikergirlCarol she had them too, and a few new member joined recently who have them so plenty of people to answer questions and there is also a training section on forum that will help you to learn to train your bird.


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Evening folks. Quiet day here with a mixture of sun, lots of wind and showers. I discovered a game on Android that took my fancy and that was most of my day gone [emoji1]

Just in the process of getting my two green packages of mischief ready for bed. Ziggy has been pretty good today, but was terrible yesterday plucking-wise. New pin feathers will not be tolerated!

Have a lovely evening, whatever you get up to.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Lots to catch up on since I last lookes at the site, and sorry to hear of bereavements, but welcome to new members.
ha ha @Beaky - I remember being dead worried about not unclipping when I first used spds and have recently done the classic "stop and keel over" trick with a new set that were too tight (much to the consternation of the lady in the car that had pulled up behind me).
i am back in the UK now for a few weeks, on the way back I stayed with a friend at her Refuge Animalia in Normandy and since my last visit 5 yrs ago she has made great progress with her farm and rescue centre, but is currently inundated with abandoned kittens. Its strange to be here after several months away ( I dont feel it is really "home" anymore) and the house feels so empty without Dora but the amount of dust still settling from decorating work shows how we couldnt have done all the renovations while she was living here.
She seems quite happy with my husband and when he phones I can hear her chattering in the background, she does seem to have him wrapped round her little toe though!
Lots to do here over the next 3 weeks to tidy and clean up and get the garden under control, plus seeing friends and relatives. Have a good evening and good Sunday all.
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