Saturday 13th July

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all. Its cloud cover at the moment but I think it will brighten up soon, Bird have been very active this morning I think they have been at the energy drinks or something the greys are having a banging match bashing things with there beaks, trying to out do each other. Well I am out most of the day so I hope you all have a good one, hoping we hear of how Nigel is doing soon as we miss him and Tesco must also miss him. Wishing every one to have a better day than yesterday


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Good morning Michael and everyone, a dull morning here with showers forecast, mind the ground needs some rain.
I too wonder how Nigel is and how we can find out now.
Arthur dog is not himself vomited a couple of times and something not right, will keep an eye on him am hoping he does not need the vets though with it being the weekend, although ours is always available. Knowing him he's probably eaten something nasty outside or up the fields.


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Morning everyone. Grey-ish here this morning, but it's muggy.

Just finished the birds' morning session and have them in their separate cages. As usual Frodo went in straight away when asked, but we had to wait for Madame to make her own mind up to go in when she was hungry enough. Things would be a lot less hassle without Ziggy, but I wouldn't trade her for the world, little devil that she is [emoji847]

Hope Arthur dog is okay @dianaT. Vet visits on weekends are never a fun day out!

Have a lovely day y'all.

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