Saturday 11th July

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, its a sunny start to what looks like a lovely day, Birds are all fed and watered and now in full volume and extra active. I have noticed how the mornings are slowly getting darker as my flock are waking up a little later each day. I have a day of mainly being indoors so I am hoping to get some cages jet washed and strip out the bird room, ready for setting it up with some new cages and toys, I think it will take me a few days but it needs re doing as I have not done a major sort out since October.

I have two new arrivals in my flock as I have taken into my care Red and Blue from @Yav on Thursday and yes they have been keeping me on my toes. now we have got the bloods back I can say they are both boys so I have given them a name each so red is now Fred and Blue is now Gilbert (named after its dad) they are from Father Yellow napped amazon and mother DYH amazon (Lola), unfortunately the chicks was getting plucked by the mother so it was decided its best for them to be separated. I did not announce there arrival as I needed to be sure they will take the feed from me as they had been parent reared but handled. I have had no problem feeding them so they have settled in very well and now rule my bedroom chucking all my stuff to the floor from my shelves.

they are both very inquisitive and exploring my room climbing and flapping wings although they do sleep a lot as well, they both come over to me for a cuddle and for me to be some one they can poop on. I have quickly introduced them to the other flock members. but some of my flock had already met them when they came into my room yesterday morning. I am having a few problems downloading photos to my computer but will post some later today or tomorrow.

I will say Yav has been brilliant and made certain the chicks stayed healthy and happy and although there parents did do a good job in protecting them and feeding them its a shame Lola has a tendency to pluck other birds including Gilbert the chicks father.

I hope you all have a great day and stay safe, oh I almost forgot the Jandaya I took on has now had its full bloods back and in fine so I will be introducing her to the flock either today or tomorrow.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello, Breezy and sunny here, just trying to buy something from Amazon France and keep getting told I dont have an account and am frozen for 24hrs!
Dora seems to be eating a lot of green foods today - peas, chillie, apple, parsley (thats a new one), and sprouts so far.
Today France is deemed to no longer be in a state of "Crise Sanitaire" long may it last and I hope the UK follows suite. It is so sad that countries where the government / leaders are reluctant to either recognise the problem as a real issue and late in putting measures in place are the ones that are suffering the most.
Also sad that the UK are going to be putting a huge customs control point in Sevington just south of Ashford - only a mile from where we used to live and a lovely spot once upon a time. Junction 10a has just been built, and it was obvious that building would take place so was this really unforeseen? The air quality there will be horrendous.
have a good day everyone

Michael Reynolds

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well its been another busy day but also exciting as Gilbert at the young age of two months did his first fly he flew to the curtains stayed up there for an short while until he saw me come in with my dinner he then flew down and controlled his landing perfect only to demand what I was eating. now Fred has not ventured in to the air yet although he is about a week older.


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Good evening, always late I know.

Weather improved but still no one is going out, what a waste of the aviary.

Nothing much is happening here, still not sure if we are still in lockdown not or not, so many things returning to normal yet still many, many people dying of the virus.

You do sound to be very busy Michael, I do hope you are looking after yourself? Nag, Nag, Nag!
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