Saturday 11th January

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning every one, looks like another nice day although a little chilly, birds out side are in fine voice again and have got mine to call in song. Charlie is doing his mating call I do not know why he has to call so loud as Conker is close to him but she is caking back Ha Ha. was going to go out to Ashford to the market but I had changed my mind owing to Poppy being extra demanding I thought I best to give her some special attention. have a great day every one


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Grey day here! Had a nice early start with Eddies medication at 7am, she has been catching up on her rest and has now decided I am superfluous to her needs and doesn’t want me anywhere near her. Allan however still loves me and so we went for a nice walk with some friends and their hairy pups. Off to get shopping as friends coming over later for a bite to eat. Have a good weekend!


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Hi everyone from me and frank . Frank my bird seems to like sitting near my fish tank ,
I have a 2 large fancy red gold fish and few different ones took the side paper down to of the fish tank so frank could see the fish to see what would happen ,when frank sitting they all sit there looking at each other every


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