Sad Times...


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Hi Guys,
Not posted for ages but I have been working hard with Tobi and was making good progress, he was stepping up for me occasionally and the bites had been few and far between.
Last thursday week I came down for the morning routine and found Tobi had died in his sleep on his roosting perch. I cried for a week. Every where I turn I find reminders of him, every sound i hear sounds like him!
It has taken a lot for me to post this. I am able to because I think I may have the reason for his demise. I have been blaming myself for doing something wrong but could not think what.
For months we have been having boiler issues and four contractors later I now have a reason for the boiler faults and possibly Tobi's death. I have a low working pressure at the meter which I am told causes gas appliances to fail and leak fumes. I am assuming that was the cause.
Anyway Thanks for all the support you have been in the past and enjoy the furry & feathered friends you have with you.
Take care all


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I am so sorry for your loss. Many hugs to you and your family. Fly free Tobi xxx


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Oh my goodness Paul I am so very sorry to hear this.
Have you a Carbon monoxide monitor in your house as if he passed due to fumes it can affect you and the family too.
You were not to know, please do not carry on blaming yourself.
Rest peacefully dear Mr Tobias xx:besos:


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Paul I am truly sorry for your loss of Tobi on the same day I lost my gorgeous boy Plum. I am too kicking myself and sad and angry at his loss. Please know that you are not alone in this. Am open to a pm if you would like, if it helps? I keep being told to take the time to grieve and will say the same to you. Your boy knew love, please don't blame yourself. x

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I am so sorry Paul Tobi was well loved and its so lonely when they depart. Yes it is possible that a faulty flew or even the position of the flu in certain wind directions may cause gasses to blow back in the home. I think we all go to find blame on ourselves fly free Tobi you will always be missed. Paul please stay with us if you can you are welcome to share my flock.


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Really sorry to hear of your loss :( You take good care of yourself and do drop in and have a natter with us from time to time.
Fly free Tobi high over rainbows bridge I know your going to be sorely missed sweetie. xx

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Oh no Paul, i'm so sorry to hear of Tobi. You waited such a long time for a little grey, words cannot tell you how sorry i am :crybaby2:
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